Reuse of water, Recovery of valuables and Resource efficiency in urban wastewater treatment (R3Water)

The R3Water project was funded by the European Commission under the Framework Programme 7. It started in January 2014 and has run 42 months with a budget of 7.8 M€ co-funded by the European Commission. The consortium, coordinated by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, united 12 technological partners from seven European countries with involvement of SME’s and RTD centers amongst others.

So far waste water treatment plants have usually been regarded as facilities to avoid emissions from wastewater. Current research and development shows that these plants can be converted and upgraded into production units to provide energy, nutrients, water for re-use and possibly other valuables. This is achieved by improved resource efficiency in the plant as well as new technologies and business models that allow the re-use of resources from the incoming water.

The main objective of the project was to demonstrate solutions that support the transition from a treatment plant for urban wastewater to a production unit of different valuables.

The project aimed to:

– Demonstrate new technologies and solutions for increased resource efficiency in existing UWWTP performance thanks to innovative monitoring, advanced control strategies and management measures.

– Demonstrate innovative wastewater technologies that enable reuse of water, recovery of valuables such as nutrients.

– Facilitate market uptake for the demonstrated solutions for the European and global market by demonstrating solutions in different geographical context and reaching relevant stakeholders.

Within the field of these topics, new and innovative technologies will be tested and demonstrated. For demonstration, 3 sites are involved in Belgium, Spain, and Sweden.


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