Contact: Katja Wendler, Dechema,

As described by the figure below, the R3Water project will not only demonstrate “R3” technologies but also show an innovative “R3 demonstration concept”; Reviewed – Referenced – Recognized. Compared to conventional projects this concept secures a more parallel and direct market acceptance in European countries. The concept of Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) is directly integrated in the demonstration of the technologies in the project, reducing the need for extra testing. Besides market accepted technologies itself, the output of the project will therefore also include a new concept for demonstration for increased market acceptance.

Integrating smart symbiotic waste water treatment concepts into the treatment plants of today will reduce costs of conventional technologies. That offers a real step change in eco-efficient municipal waste water management on the way to a net producer of commodities.

The demonstration project will provide, demonstrate and support the use of tools as well as Best available technology, LCA and reliable process models that allow decision makers to decide on application of R3Water developments in Europe and beyond, thus ensuring their direct exploitation. This exploitation will create new high skilled jobs in the field of environmental technology industry.


Exchange experience and creating synergies between the demonstration sites, supporting the creation of their market opportunities

LCA/LCC: Technology assessment (LCA – Life cycle assessment) and Life cycle costs (LCC)
Market Studies: Connection of the results from market studies and demo sites to foster the realization of market opportunities
– Foster international market opportunities

Support verification and verification readiness of technologies in the demonstration to strengthen market opportunities

ETV: Coordination of Environmental Technology verification (ETV)
Make use of standards where appropriate for demonstration and verification and contribute to standardization initiatives where identified during the project.
Policy and directive implementation support by complying the R3Water results
Policy: Analyze supportive impact of R3Water results to policy and directive implementation: