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    Innovations for water reuse, valuables recovery and resource efficiency within the framework of the iwater trade fair in Barcelona, Spain

    On November 16 the R3Water Workshop „Innovations for water reuse, valuables recovery and resource efficiency“ was held as side event of the international fair trade “iwater” at the Fira Barcelona. Around 40 participants from 10 different countries, also from outside Europe, joined the session. The key lecture was given by Lluis Sala (Consorci de la Costa Brava – CCB). He focused on the Costa Brava, a touristic area with important water deficits that are covered by importing water from the nearby areas richer in resources and by developing water reuse schemes. Sala described the activities that were done in the last decades for the reuse of water, recovery of valuables and resource efficiency in this area. Following to the presentation of Mr. Sala the innovative technologies that are developed in the EU project R3Water were presented. R3Water demonstrate solutions that support the transition from a treatment plant for urban wastewater to a production unit of different valuables – reuse of water, recovery of valuables like phosphor, and resource efficiency like energy.

    On November 17 the participants used the possibility to visit R3Water technologies in different waste water treatment plants at the Costa Brava and to have directly contact with the technology owners and the R3Water partners. Under blue sky and mild temperatures, the site visit started in Castell d’Aro WWTP with the technologies doscontrol® (Combined disinfection controller for water reclamation) and AquaBio (online automated analyser for E. coli and total coliforms). Second visit was at the La Bisbal d’Empordà WWTP. Here the AQUATRACK® (early warning system for pathogen bacteria and parasites like Cryptosporidium and Giardia) was demonstrated. The last stop was at Empuriabrava WWTP where the technology OptimEDAR for aeration energy optimization is being demonstrated.

    The R3Water project was also represented with a booth at the exhibition area of the iwater trade fair from 15-17 November.

    For more information please visit www.r3water.eu.

    Castell d’Aro WWTP

    Fig.: Castell d’Aro WWTP

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