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    OptimEDAR achieves up to 20% savings in the wastewater treatment plant of Wijer (Belgium) after 10 months of tests.

    By average, the 50% of energy cost of wastewater treatment plants is spent in the aeration process of the biological reactor. In addition, there are specific regulations which have to be fulfilled. Adasa is concern about WWTP operators’ challenges and has designed OptimEDAR, a low-cost online aeration control system, based on the application of ‘virtual sensing’ techniques.
    OptimEDAR helps to achieve a reduction cost and enhance the wastewater effluents quality thanks to a higher efficiency of the nutrients removal.
    The OptimEDAR solution is being tested in two different demo sites under the scope of the R3Water European project, reducing the energy up to 20%, and enhancing nutrient removal as well.
    One of the demo sites is at Aquafin’s WWTP in Wijer – Belgium (1.600 PE), a full scale WWTP that started working at the end of 2013. Before the OptimEDAR installation, the facility was operating with an oxygen control used in a fixed cycle time. The aeration time was set manually every few days after the operator checks the effluent quality manually. OptimEDAR was installed at the end of 2015 and since February 2016 it is controlling the plant. OptimEDAR operates adapting the use of blowers automatically, depending on the organic charge of the aeration tank which facilitates the operator’s work.
    Furthermore, as Empuriabrava WWTP demo site has demonstrated, OptimEDAR operates very efficiently in WWTP with a high organic charge. Due to the diluted charge in Wijer WWTP it was an additional challenge to optimise the OptimEDAR system. After several fine tuning of the configuration parameters, the saving cost achieved thanks to OptimEDAR was a 20% less in the use of blowers, maintaining and enhancing effluents quality.
    In following figures are shown the preliminary results* achieved during the 10 first months in 2016:
    * All results are calculated in comparison with the same period of the previous year, 2015.

    wijer_2Wijer_energy consumption

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