Contact: Graeme Hitchen, Perlemax,


To provide the necessary research and developed finalise the preparation of the resource efficient technologies to be demonstrated at the site in Sweden and at the sites in Belgium.

A further objective is to support the optimisation of the resource efficient technologies in case the need arises during the demonstration phase.

Technologies included in this work package are:
Perlemax aeration system and Perlemax system for biogas optimization (Sweden/ Belgium)
Model-based energy audits (Spain/ Belgium)
Improved Anammox control system (Sweden/ Belgium)
Model based predictive control (Sweden)
OptimEDAR for aeration optimization (Spain/Belgium)

First results

Here you can find information on the first results of the demonstrations (status: April 2016).

Microbubbles by Fluidic Oscillation. (Picture: Perlemax)

Two fluidic oscillators fitted to a waste water treatment for preliminary trials in the Republic of Ireland.( Picture: Perlemax).